Ornamental fountains and lighting

COMSA Service, via its Ornamental Fountains division, carries out the design, engineering, execution and maintenance of all types of ornamental fountains

From the most simple ones to those fitted with light, sound and special effects, in accordance with the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.

This division, which integrates the Oficina Técnica Buigas brand, offers administrations, engineering companies and architectural firms their collaboration in developing projects by contributing both technical and artistic visions.

COMSA Service is a globally renowned company in the fountain sector and has executed projects for public administrations and private clients in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Korea, Denmark, Spain, the United States, France, Japan, Morocco, Dominican Republic, among others.

Scope of service

– Customised study and project adapted to the location.

– Design of the volume elevation and construction details for fountains, waterfalls and lighting elements.

– Installation of hydraulic, electrical, electronic, soundproofing and special effects elements.

– Maintenance, reconstruction and renovation works on old facilities.

– Automation of facilities, remote control, online webcams, etc.

– Technical and artistic consultancy for engineers, architects and urban planners.

Fountains and locations

– Static fountains: Without changes or with widely spaced variations and without specific conditions for their location.

– Changing fountains: With changing forms and colours, recommended for parks and landscaped spaces, large squares, pedestrian areas, etc.

– Spectacular musical fountains: Created to become the centre of attention, located in spaces which are away from traffic and allow for a large influx of public.

– Accessible and interactive fountains: Children and adults can interact with the fountain and create their own choreographies. These should be placed in squares, pedestrian areas, parks, gardens or any recreational area.

– Unique fountains: These include sculptures, water clocks, waterfalls, numbers and any artistic element to be highlighted. They do not require any special location.

– Cybernetic fountains: Fitted with the most modern technology: laser, smoke, flames, fireworks, spectacular light and colour scenes, music, etc. These should be placed in large spaces away from traffic, amusement parks, gardens, urban forests, shopping centres, etc.

– Digital water screen: Special fountain which uses a computerised curtain of water to recreate images, letters, symbols, etc. Recommended for events, trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.

Oficina Técnica Buigas (OTB)

In 1996 COMSA Service, within its diversification process, integrated the distinctive quality and prestige trademark of the OTB Division (Oficina Técnica Buigas), which specialises in spectacular treatment of water, light and sound.

OTB was founded over 75 years’ ago by Carlos Buigas, who designed the “Magical Fountain of Montjuic” and has since then created decorative fountains and water and light shows all over the world.