Comprehensive and Specialized Maintenance


Multidisciplinary maintenance of facilities in hospitals, large surfaces, buildings, trade centres, universities, cultural and educational centres, industries, etc.

Commissioning of facilities.

Regulatory, preventive and predictive maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Conducting and controlling facilities in buildings and industries. Permanent corrective maintenance service, 24 hours/365 days. Renovations and modifications.

Electrical maintenance, High and Low Voltage

– Transformer stations, electrical panels, uninterrupted power supply systems, etc.

– Standard regulatory maintenance.

– Preventive maintenance (cleaning, greasing, oil analyses, operation verification, etc.).

– Thermography, insulation measurement, step and contact voltage, contact resistance, synchronism.

– 24-hour failure assistance service. Analysis of the quality of the electrical supply.

Mechanical Maintenance

– Air conditioning, generators, boilers, industrial cooling, ventilation, plumbing, cogeneration plants, etc.

– Commissioning.

– Regulatory, preventive and predictive maintenance (filter changes, cleaning, analysis of legionnaire’s disease, stroboscopy, vibration analysis, balancing, laser alignment, endoscopy, etc.).

– Conducting and operating machine rooms, cogeneration plants, heating and industrial cooling.

– Renovations.

Fire Protection Maintenance

– Fire detection (automatic and manual detection and alarm systems).

– Fire extinguishers and water supply system.

– Fire hose reel cabinets (BIE) and hydrants.

– Dry barrel hydrants.

– Fixed fire extinguishing systems (water sprinklers, water sprays, etc.).





– Access control, CCTV and Public Address System.

– Telephony (switchboard and telephones).

– Voice and data networks.

– Audiovisual production systems.

– Distribution of TV-FM signal (antenna, CATV amplification, splits).

– Stage machinery. Museography.

– Teletac.




Medical Electrical Equipment Maintenance

– Surgical Areas, ICUs, haemodynamics and resuscitation, laboratories, etc.

– Multi-parametric monitors, anaesthesia trolleys, resuscitation masks, defibrillators, ECGs (electrocardiogram), etc.

– Regulatory and corrective maintenance.

– Equipment management.

– Adaptation of rooms for the installation of new equipment.


Overseas Location Maintenance

– Comprehensive, regulatory, preventive and corrective maintenance and turnkey renovations of retail chain stores, bank branches and offices.

– National coverage.

– In-house call centre: attended 24h/365 days.

– Unique interlocutor with the client throughout the territory, both for maintenance and for renovations.

– On-line client access.

Machinery Maintenance and Restoration Equipment

– Hotels, catering and communities: schools, hospitals, public and private institutions and companies.

– Cold, cooking, washing, and auxiliaries.

– Refrigerated chambers and units, cooking appliances, multi-cooking appliances, dishwashers, rack conveyor dishwashers and auxiliary machinery.

– Regulatory, preventive and corrective maintenance.

– In-house call centre: attended 24h/365 days.