Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies for the purpose of facilitating the browsing and offer a faster personalised service. You may configure your Internet browser to not receive these cookies. In this case, the quality and speed of the web browsing may be affected.   What is a cookie?   Cookies are small amounts of data that are stored on the browser used be each user so the server can remember certain information that subsequently, only the server that created them can read. Cookies generally last for a limited period of time.   What cookies do we use? Our website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those that allow the user to browse through a website using the different options or services that are available on the site such as, for example, traffic control and data communication, identify the session, access sections with restricted access, etc.
  • Personalisation cookies: Personalisation cookies are those that allow the user to access the service with some general predefined features such as, for example, the language, the type of browser used for accessing the service, the regional configuration from where we are accessing the service, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: Analysis cookies are those that allow monitoring and analysing the user’s behaviour. The information collected using these types of cookies is used to measure the website’s activity and to create user browsing profiles for the purpose of introducing improvements. This data is compiled anonymously and is not tied to any personal data.
  • Geo-location cookies: Are those that anonymously detect the country where the user is located for the purpose of offering more suitable contents and services.
  • Third-party cookies: Are those that can be installed on the page for the purpose of improving the services offered by third parties, like for example, hyperlinks to social networks for sharing the contents of the website.

  Who uses cookies?   The information obtained through cookies will be collected and managed by [ ], whose information is provided below:   Company Name: COMSA SERVICE FACILITY MANAGEMENT, S.A.U. Address: Calle Vallès, 2 – 08940 CORNELLÀ DE LLOBREGAT Telephone: +34 934 809 150 Electronic mail: Data protection delegate contact information: C/ Viriato, 47, 08014, Barcelona y     How can cookies be disabled?   You can block or delete cookies through the internet explorer but if you do, you may encounter some problems when using or loading the platform.   The configuration of the internet explorer for this purpose will depend on the browser you are using. Hyperlinks to instructions offered by the most popular browsers for deleting cookies are provided below: