Maintenance engineering

COMSA Service develops multi-platform computer systems, adaptable to different supports for assisted management of preservation tasks, in line with the existing remote management systems and centralised control of the facilities.

We also perform technical audits for the diagnosis of facilities and their adaptation to current regulations, energy audits which include studies relating to consumption, the quality and efficiency of the system, as well as feasibility studies for defining and implementing projects.


– IMAN is our own computer application for Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management, developed by the COMSA Service IT department.

– It operates on multi-platform, is intuitive and easy to use.

– Access to the requests made by users via the website.

– Access technologies: WEB, PDA, SMS, etc.

– Includes a link to the remote management and centralised control systems of the facilities.

Technical Audits

– Inventory of the facilities.

– Diagnosis of the state of the equipment.

– Adaptation to the regulations applicable to the facilities.

– Analysis of the maintenance programmes.

– Rated renovation proposals.

– Preparation of customised maintenance programmes.

Energy Audits

– Inventory of energy-consuming equipment.

– Studies of load curves and consumption trends.

– Energy Quality Control.

– Analyses of the energy supply contracts.

– System efficiencies.

– Operation by users.

– Energy certification.

Feasibility Studies on Energy Services Projects

– Request and gathering of information.

– Energy diagnosis.

– Evaluation of savings.

– Financial investment and analysis plan.

– Business plan.

– “Compliance contract”.

– Project definition and implementation.

– Duration and follow-up of the project.